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Welcome to Gen VI Fansite!

A fansite for XY and ORAS fanboys and Gen VI fangame creators

About this site

This site is dedicated to all things Gen VI!

We host a wide variety of Gen VI-related materials, including walkthroughs, game scripts, and even fangames! (Fangame creators, we recommend you code in C++ if you're going to make these games from scratch.)

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Did you know...

  • ...that the first route of any Gen VI game in which you encounter a wild Pokémon will allow you to capture any wild Pokémon simply by encountering it and throwing a Poké Ball? (It isn't as easy at any further point in the game, though.)
  • ...that a Lv. 100 Charizard, with the right strategy, can wipe the floor with anything thrown at it, even Water-types?
  • ...that in ORAS, the male player character's rock star outfit and the female player character's pop idol tutu, both worn for Contests, are based on two possible Cosplay Pikachu costumes?



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